Contact National CENOR Offices

Austrian Flag

Streitkräfteführungskommando J3(Lu)
FVkMngt & LMZ

Phone: +43 50201 80 23315


Airspace Control Ops (A3.22)

Phone: +32 2 701 7776

Czech Republic

Ministerstvo Obrany
Odbor vojenského letectví

Phone: +420 973 210 820


Tactical Air Command
Flight Information Service

Phone: +45 97 10 15 50 6244


Zentrum Luftoperationen
A 3 III c Luftfahrtveröffentlichungen

Phone: +49 69 79307 3210


Royal Norwegian Air Force
717 SQN Attn: TERPS Office

Phone: +47 69 23 7812


Military Air Traffic Service Office
of the Polish Armed Forces

Phone: +48 6 821 157

The Netherlands


Phone: +31 577 458324

CENOR FLIP Production Specifications

CENOR History

1985First idea of a common Flight Information Publication during a MAS meeting. A first meeting of NATO member nations Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Norway takes place in Frankfurt, Germany.
1986The CENOR Memorandum of Understanding is ratified by the above mentioned nations. This is the official foundation of CENOR. In the same year the CENOR FLIP IAP High and CENOR FLIP IAP Low are published.
1987CENOR FLIP SID was published for the first time.
1992Renewal of the CENOR Memorandum of Understanding.
1997Renewal of the CENOR Memorandum of Understanding. Separate AutoCAD Specialist Meetings are introduced. They will be held once a year in Frankfurt, Germany.
1998The production process of CENOR FLIP changes significantly. The pages are delivered as digital data to the printing office.
2000CENOR website "" goes online.
2001Most of the CENOR FLIP procedures are made available for download. The amount of printed procedures leads to a re-organization of the CENOR IAP booklets with geographical separated volumes 1 and 2.
2003Renewal of the CENOR Memorandum of Understanding. Czech Republic officially applies for membership. Germany is appointed liaison nation.
2005The CENOR Forum goes online administrated by CENOR member Denmark.
2006Czech Republic becomes 6th CENOR member nation.
2008Renewal of the CENOR Memorandum of Understanding. CENOR FLIP IAP and SID booklets are published at the same date in a 112 days cycle.
2009Complete revision of the CENOR website and the specialist forum. The administration of the forum is handed over into German responsibility.
2010After more than 20 years the "CENOR Star" is replaced by a new logo.
2011CENOR celebrates 25 years of a common standard for FLIP production.
2012Poland becomes 7th CENOR member nation.
2013Re-organization of CENOR FLIP accomplished. With 07 FEB 2013 edition CENOR FLIP are published with a new structure. In the same year release of the revised CENOR website matching the new CENOR FLIP color scheme. In October 2013 Austria becomes 8th CENOR member nation.
2013Austria becomes 8th CENOR member nation.